a newborn session like this.

Chances are, if you're on my site, you're looking for something beyond the traditional. You've seen the (gorgeous) images of sleeping babies swathed in gauzy fabrics, in front of a seamless backdrop and thought that it looked like a lot of work (it is--those sessions can take up to 4 hours). Or, maybe you've seen the smiling family in coordinated J.Crew outfits sitting on the parents' gorgeous bed, "I'm lucky if there's no laundry on the floor, let alone having my bedroom looking like that." (Nothing against J. Crew or beautiful beds—I like both! 😉) Or, maybe you haven't thought either of those things and your bedroom is actually beautiful, but you realize that these moments are fleeting and you want to remember what it really felt like when you had that brand new baby, not just what that baby looked like.

You're looking for a newborn session like this.

When I arrived, the sky was gray with impending rain. While not ideal for a photographer who relies primarily on window light, you don't begrudge rain in the desert. As I warmed the girls up to the camera, Hannah went to get baby up to feed him. As she nursed, we talked about our kids and elementary schools and church (we volunteer together in the children's class and she teaches my son). We talked about baby Tanner's birth, and what it had felt like to find out at the delivery that he was a boy after two girls.

As we talked, Brooke brought in every baby she could find and Jayden brought her mom some tea.

When Tanner was fed, changed, and soothed, we did some basic portraits of just him on his parents' bed. The simple duvet cover was the perfect spot to show off his tiny, handsome features.

By this time, Isaac had gotten home after his work errand and we piled everyone on the couch for a loosely directed "We're a family of 5 now!" portrait. While not the bulk of the session, I strongly believe that family portraits are important, and doing them quickly and not too strictly makes it easy and fun for everyone.

And that's that. Easy. I was there for about an hour and a half to capture what a morning in the life feels like for a new mom of three. Of course, some mornings might not look this peaceful, but it feels honest and beautiful and that is my goal.

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Don't want me to come to your house right after you have a baby? (Hey, no judgement.) I also do hospital and birth center sessions.