and then she was one.

Oh how fulfilling it is to return to a family’s home and see how they’ve grown! I cannot believe this sweet little baby is now nearly a toddler! I’ve put off blogging this session until I had the perfect words, and I think Kati (the gorgeous mom) said it best:

“My kids just came home from school and said ‘That was a fun picture day!’ Thank you for making it so easy and even taking awkward family photos.”

And then, after I delivered her gallery:

“These made me cry!! I love them. Thank you for being so magical. I really love every single one and all the surprises you got too, like Maggie holding the back of arm like she always does. And Frankie’s dirty feet that drive me crazy; they refuse to wear shoes. Ever. Also—remember how I couldn’t figure or why Maggie wasn’t super happy like she typically is? Cutting top teeth that broke through and bulging, puss-filled ear.”

So often parents are worried that we aren’t “getting anything.” Trust me—I completely understand; I tend to fret over my children the same way. Yet, even with all of these factors “against us,” we’re always able to create magic. You get caught up in the messes, mistakes, and frustrations, but that’s not what I see. Your life is beautiful just the way it is and it’s my job to show you the beauty in the mess, and the meaning in the everyday.