An August Afternoon

One of the coolest features of technology is the automated memory-prompts many apps will give. You know the ones, "Take a look at what happened a year ago today!" One of my apps that does this is my cloud storage, and today I was reminded of a pretty ordinary August afternoon that produced some of my favorite pictures. I wish I had written this blog post that day, so I could have been reminded of what we were thinking and feeling, but I have a pretty good idea of how it went down.

Living in one of the hottest places in the country means that the city grid is taxed pretty heavily at the hottest time of day. To offset this, the electric company in our area offers a savings program which involves turning the thermostat up during this time. Let's just say that 3-6pm is not the most fun part of our day.


....unless I remember to get the heck outside.

Even though outside is approximately 1000 degrees in August, it can sometimes be bearable as the sun sets. Even though it's hot, the kids find ways to entertain themselves that don't require jumping off the furniture or seeing who can whine in the highest pitch. They play in dirt, on the slide, with a ball, or find the chalk.

I play with light and line, movement and perspective, my little subjects inspiring me.

I just have to remember to GO outside, and brace myself for a sweaty half-hour.

Kylie Pond