Absolute ESSENTIALS For Newborns

Today I'm excited to talk all things baby. Here's my short and sweet list of things you absolutely MUST have when you bring a sweet new child home:

  • LOVE

That's IT. I bet you clicked this link thinking I was going to list the latest stroller, trendiest organic sleepers, and the softest swaddling blankets. If you did, I'm sorry I tricked you. Really, I just wanted to share what has been on my heart and mind lately, as the gadget list grows ever-longer for parents and as I begin to crave simplicity more and more.

The truth is, as soon as you find out you're going to be a parent (whether that's through birth or adoption or any other alternative), you're instantly bombarded with information about the things you need and the parenting style you should adopt and it's just...a LOT.

Cut the noise. Here's all you need to know:

You CAN do this. And while it might be the hardest thing you ever do, you don't NEED a lot. You really just need love, and you've already got that part covered. Try to find the quiet moments--I don't mean literally quiet (because let's be real, a lot of kids are a lot of loud a lot of the time). I mean, be present and find those moments when time seems to stand still. The moments when you can just FEEL how important and special it is, and savor those. That will give you the energy you need to continue.

Breathe. You've got this. You don't need all the stuff. You'll survive without the latest and greatest gear (trust me, I've done it twice). Yes, you should feed the child. Yes, you need to take care of yourself (but hey, that goes back to the LOVE thing).

Trust yourself. You know better than you think you do (and when you don't, well, call your Mom).

I realize that this post is a little tongue-in-cheek, but I wrote it because they're things I needed to hear when I was a brand new mom. Obviously, there are some really great products out there that do make some things a little easier (my other newborn essential? A baby carrier. Game. Changer.)

All that aside, here are a few photos from the Oates' sweet newborn session last winter. I especially loved capturing how those big brothers loved on sweet baby sister Lennon (sometimes a bit enthusiastically!). I happen to think that newborn photos fall under the "essentials" list, too, but I'm biased. Want some honest, beautiful pictures with your new baby? Let's talk! Hiring someone to take newborn photos isn't in the budget? Ah, I get that. Stay tuned, because I'll be sharing some tips later on how to DIY them for all you photographers out there!

Kylie Pond