I'm Kylie. I believe in finding beauty in the everyday, in the less-than-perfect....because that's where the true beauty lies.  I don't photoshop wrinkles or freckles, and I won't ask you to make your house Pinterest-worthy.

Why? Because I believe a photograph is more than something pretty to share on Instagram and set as your wallpaper. I believe photographs are tiny time capsules, each with the inherent ability to transport you back to a time, a feeling, a place. This is why each session is full of life, and why I won't stop shooting when the kids stop cooperating. In fact, the less they look at me, the better, because capturing real moments are my specialty.

I'm not afraid to pull back the curtain, in life and online. I fully admit to my imperfections as a wife, mother, and human. I apologize to my children for my mistakes daily, they drive me crazy daily, and that's what makes the special moments even more beautiful.

Parents, someday we're going to miss the things that drive us crazy today, so why not take pictures of it?


Picture of me above, taken by the lovely Lindsey Joslin.